Don’t get BORED in the Apocalypse

"I'll be too busy to be bored!" That's what I hear from a lot of other preppers who get into this discussion with me. But y'all. Look at 2020. I'd say that's a pretty serious event that has lasted a damn-long time, and boredom is one of the worst aspects of trying to survive it... Continue Reading →

10 Things the Oath Keepers WON’T Do (and why that scares me)

This is how they get you. At first glance, it appears that the list of 10 things the Oath Keepers won't do is a good thing, but it is based around the false conspiracy that our government acts on tyranny. At its core, the Oath Keepers organization promotes the idea that the United States government... Continue Reading →

Why Oath Keepers are a Threat

The Oath Keepers are an underrated threat that the United States is facing right now. They have been causing trouble for a long time, while they continue to build up their ranks and develop teams and protocols. Most recently, several high-ranking members have been indicted in the attack on the Capitol in D.C. on January... Continue Reading →

Are There Really Liberal Preppers?

The fast and dirty answer is, YES. There are liberal preppers. The idea of being a prepper has long been associated with right-wing rhetoric, conspiracy theories, and extreme survivalists. Most liberals have distanced themselves from this (perceived) panic-driven, testosterone-fueled, apocalypse-focused, "crazy," gun-porn ideology. It's time to clear some things up. Prepping is simple, logic-based, and... Continue Reading →

You’re not alone.

This is an unprecedented time for all of us. Our Capitol has been attacked by insurrectionists. A deadly pandemic is spreading violently across the land. Our economy is holding on by a thread as we navigate massive income loss. There is little to no help from our government. In the midst of all of that,... Continue Reading →

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