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If you’re looking for logical, practical, real-life preparedness without all of the hype, and conspiracy, you’re in the right place. All writers and guests fall on the left side of United States politics, and have a firm belief in the power of science to guide our understanding and actions. You can be sure that there will be verifiable, scientific, and helpful advice here. I will provide information to help guide you in your own journey of prepping. You can expect to find articles on all aspects of preparedness, guest posts from experts in various fields, and exploration of various realistic scenarios. I will also do my best to inform you of things that are happening in the world to keep an eye on. I have more than a decade of personal prepping experience, and I have spent four years running a multi-thousand-member prepping group (and still do). I feel it is important for everyone who can to be as prepared as possible for the unexpected in life. You will find the resources you need to do just that here on this blog. If you have any questions, I am excited to answer them.


Contact: readyontheleft@protonmail.com

Don’t get BORED in the Apocalypse

“I’ll be too busy to be bored!” That’s what I hear from a lot of other preppers who get into this discussion with me. But y’all. Look at 2020. I’d say that’s a pretty serious event that has lasted a damn-long time, and boredom is one of the worst aspects of trying to survive it… Continue Reading →

Why Oath Keepers are a Threat

The Oath Keepers are an underrated threat that the United States is facing right now. They have been causing trouble for a long time, while they continue to build up their ranks and develop teams and protocols. Most recently, several high-ranking members have been indicted in the attack on the Capitol in D.C. on January… Continue Reading →

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